Science-Driven Exercise Solutions

Intelligent Dynamic Physique Assessor and Trainer

Unlock the economic and professional potential of fitness professionals through a comprehensive suite of scientific exercise solutions.

Integrating Intelligent Body Assessments with Scientific Training Programs

makes workouts smarter, more efficient, and fun for everyone.


of gym members attend regularly during the first month, dropping to 33% by month six.



of gym members claim they are likely to refer someone if they have a positive experience.



increase in member retention rates can boost profits by 25% to 95%.

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Integrating Intelligent Body Assessments with Scientific Training Programs

makes workouts smarter, more efficient, and fun for everyone.

Fuller Assessments,
Safer Workouts, Greater Results

Dynamic & Static Comprehensive Assessments
Delivers an in-depth analysis with 12 body composition analyses, 10 posture evaluations, and 14 fitness assessments.
AI Coach for Instant Feedback
Digital fitness equipment with real-time correction ensures exercises are performed correctly and safely.
Scientific Exercise and Nutrition Plans
Bespoke training and nutritional guidelines designed to match individual fitness objectives.
Touchless Assessments
User-friendly, sensor-free evaluations for a seamless health and fitness journey.
Powerful Reports and Analytics
3 complete test result sheets with detailed analysis and before & after avatars showing how body is changing.

How it works

Dynamic & Static Comprehensive Assessments

Scientific Exercise and Nutrition Plans

Efficient Member Dynamic Body Data Management

Functional Exercises & Real-Time Guidanc From AI Coach

More Profitability

Designed to tackle the primary challenges of modern fitness and sports facilities, our solution positions you for greater profitability, efficiency, and success than ever before.

Higher Profitability

A single device serves as a complete suite of scientific exercise solutions, offering members safe, flexible, and individual training opportunities—even in the absence of a trainer.

Increased Revenue

Unlimited upselling possibilities through differentiated member products boost your income.

More New Members

A workout experience that attracts more members as it's personalized and engaging for everyone.

Improved Retention Rates

Fuse modern fitness technology with custom-tailored training experiences to maintain high retention rates.

Higher Satisfaction Rates

Instantly tailor nutritional and workout plans to each member's specific health conditions and age, ensuring a highly personalized and appreciated service.

Success stories

Designed For Who

From winning new members to streamlining your operations, we’ve got you covered. We’re not just selling you equipment. Our solutions bring measurable impact to your fitness and sports business.

Boutique fitness studio

Elevate the gym experience with solutions that foster superior member care and deliver bespoke workout experiences, setting your club apart.

Unstaffed Gyms

Embrace autonomy with our automated solutions, ideal for clubs operating with minimal or no on-site staff, eliminating the need for trainers.

Fitness Chains

Optimize your club operations with our intelligent dynamic physique assessor and trainer, which not only cut costs, but also enhance your staff’s efficiency and productivity.

Body Composition Analysis

Proprietary BDA&BIA fusion algorithm, this feature conducts up to 18 types of medical-grade analyses, delivering precise insights into body composition.

Human 3D Reconstruction Technology

By combining AI vision with optical 3D reconstruction technology, system rapidly gathers body data, creating accurate 3D human models in just 34 seconds.

Dynamic Capture Technology

Real-Time Dynamic Capture Technology

The VisBody-Engine visual technology excels in the scientific exercise arena by offering unparalleled human posture recognition and motion understanding. It meticulously captures each peak performance moment while vigilantly identifying incorrect postures.


AI Coaching Assistant

This assistant goes beyond basic guidance by deeply analyzing body measurement data to generate personalized, detailed exercise and nutrition strategies, revolutionizing the standard of services offered by health and fitness establishments.


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3D Body
Composition Scanner

3D Body
Scanning Mirror

3D Intelligent

Screen size
43 inch optional
Interaction mode
10-point touch touch screen
Touch resolution
4096 * 4096
Screen size
43 inch
Screen specification
2K FHD high-definition touch screen
Algorithm system
VisBodyEngine edge computing platform
Sensor parameters
1920 * 1080 @30fps wide dynamic
Core CPU
2 + 16G
Power supply
220V / 50HZ
Operating temperature
10℃ ~ 40℃
Network interface
wired network / WIFI
12-item body composition analysis
Body weight, BMI, muscle mass, body water, basal metabolism, skeletal muscle rate, protein, visceral fat, defatted body weight, subcutaneous fat, body fat percentage, body age
10-item body image assessment
Lateral head tilt, high and low shoulders, round shoulders, anterior and posterior pelvic shift, X-shaped legs, O-shaped legs, K-shaped legs, D-shaped legs, knee hyperextension, anterior knee flexion
8-Item Dynamic Fitness Assessment
Upper Extremity Muscular Endurance Assessment, Lower Extremity Muscular Endurance Assessment, Core Muscular Endurance Assessment, Balance Assessment, Flexibility Assessment, Reaction Assessment, Speed Assessment, Agility Assessment

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