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Why Choose Visbody

Physical Test

The scanner integrates BIA technology and 8-electrode multi-frequencies in one, and can provide a real 3D human body model, 15 key body composition measurements, and 9 intelligent posture assessments. Allowing  users to easily understand their physical conditions.

3D Model

Visbody adopts Intel depth camera and instantaneous human body scanning (IBS) technology, which can complete the human body 3D scan within 10s and generate a high-precision 3D model.

Body Shape Analysis

It can provides automatic body circumference measurements, including 9 parts such as, left upper arm, right upper arm, and chest circumference, etc. It allows users to understand how to make their body shape looks even better.

Progress tracking

 All data are stored in the cloud, and reports can be viewed from the Visbody dashboard or website. It can help users to track any changes in their physical condition at any time.

Fat analysis

It provides informations about body fat rate, body weight, fat content and basal metabolic rate, which can be used in weight loss programs. Improving the success rate of weight management programs.

Risk Assessment

Conduct targeted disease risk assessments. The Visbody test can provide intuitive, accurate and objective measurements to assess the user’s disease risk.

Target Setting

Visbody can be an effective tool for personal training. Using Visbody to understand the key components and data of the body. Creating a starti point for training; Understanding the improvements, and set up achievable goals.

Cloud File

 Providing an online management platform for users to view reports.

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